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Kyushu Institute of Technology

Communications Board

If you want to purchase the commercial version of COM board from Addnics, please contact it’s agent as follows:

Mr. Masashi Tsutsui HTL Co. Japan Ltd.

2-16-6 Akebono-cho, Tachikawa-city, Tokyo 190-0012 Japan TEL +81-42-523-2871 FAX +81-42-523-2803

The ICDs in English and Japanese or the BIRDS3 satellite can be found here. And the ones for the BIRDS4 satellite can be found here.

While they are the same, we are keeping them separate to maintain order.

In the March 2022 BIRDS Meeting a team presented their use of the Radiometrix HX1 COMs module with the BIRDS platform. Its datasheet has been added to the repositories.